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The Pleasure of Finding Things Out

A physicist is a child, in a mans body. Curious about everything and bent on learning all he can. Richard Feynman was a great physicist in his own right, but what made him stand out was the way he did his thinking. For any young budding scientists, his biography and his introductory courses (which are available in various formats) are a must read. Here are some interesting interviews and a documentary on the legendary Richard Feynman by the BBC.

“Nature uses only the longest threads to weave her patterns, so each small piece of her fabric reveals the organization of the entire tapestry.” ― Richard P. Feynman

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Dr. Hassan recalls encounter with Dr. Abdus Salam

The following interview is taken from

By: Dr. Athar Osama

Muslim-Science.Com talked with Dr. Mohammed H. A. Hassan, the outgoing Executive Director of The Academy of Sciences of the Developing World (TWAS). While Dr. Hassan hopes to continue to remain engaged with TWAS, his retirement is an end of an era for the institution created more than 25 years ago. Remembering those days, Dr. Hassan recalls his first encounter with Dr. Abdus Salam – one of the most prolific and inspirational scientist ever to have been produced by the Developing World – who had a formative influence on TWAS. As Hassan became a regular visitor at Salam’s International Center for Theoretical Physics (ICTP) in Trieste in Italy, he had an opportunity to work closer with Salam.
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Dr. Abdus Salaam the Nobel Laureate

Written By: Imam B.A.Rafiq Sahib 

When I reached London in the early part of 1959 Dr. Abdus Salaam lived in Putney, about a mile and a half from the Fazl Mosque. He was already a Professor of Theoretical Physics at the Imperial College. I had repeated opportunities to meet him. He visited the Mosque very often. Although he occupied a very high position and I was a mere young Missionary he always showed great kindness to me. He would often invite Hadhrat Chaudhry Zafrulla Khan Sahib and some other friends for breakfast at his house. Continue reading

Dawkins Delusion

This programme was made in 2006 and Guardian reviewed it. Link to video at the end

I especially like this:

More irritatingly, he doesn’t apply to religion – the object of his repeated attacks – a fraction of the intellectual rigour or curiosity that he has applied to evolution (to deserved applause). Where is the grasp of the sociological or anthropological explanations of the centrality of religion? Sadly, there is no evolution of thought in Dawkins’s position; he has been saying much the same thing about religion for a long time.

Source: Guardian

No wonder atheists are angry: they seem ready to believe anything

Richard Dawkins’s latest attack on religion is an intellectually lazy polemic not worthy of a great scientist

On Monday, it’s Richard Dawkins’s turn (yet again) to take up the cudgels against religious faith in a two-part Channel 4 programme, The Root of All Evil? His voice is one of the loudest in an increasingly shrill chorus of atheist humanists; something has got them badly rattled. They even turned their bitter invective on Narnia. By all means, let’s have a serious debate about religious belief, one of the most complex and fascinating phenomena on the planet, but the suspicion is that it’s not what this chorus wants. Behind unsubstantiated assertions, sweeping generalisations and random anecdotal evidence, there’s the unmistakable whiff of panic; they fear religion is on the march again. Continue reading