Expansion of the Bee Revelation

I had started this blog http://thebeerevelation.wordpress.com/ to discuss honey and honeybee related research.

However, I was made aware of the needs of the Ahmadi youth interested in research to have an outlet to discuss issues related to science, research, religion and science, existence of God, the scientific truths of the Holy Qur’an  and so forth.

With grace of Allah, a few Khuddam who are pursuing research studies are now part of my core team that will run this blog. Please pray that it can help towards fulfilling Huzur Aqdas(atba)’s wishes including inspiring young Ahmadis to pursue research, encourage good research, admonish bad research, and show the truths contained within the Holy Qur’an.

3 thoughts on “Expansion of the Bee Revelation

    1. Muddassar Rashid

      Jazaa’Allah this is extremely fascinating. This similarity may allude to a more general principle that may be found in other fields of research…


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