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Absolutely No speed limit?

The speed of light c is a universal constant, the same in any inertial frame” [postulate of Special Relativity]

Thursday 22nd September 2011. This is the day that rocked the world of physics. An inconspicuously titled paper, “Measurement of the neutrino velocity with the OPERA detector in the CNGS beam” is posted by The OPERA Collaboration (a team consisting of approximately 200 physicists) on the arXiv website.

They had found experimental proof that neutrinos had travelled a distance just slightly faster than light would have! Light is the highway patrol for the universe. No one is to break its law! Or so we thought. Continue reading

Religion and Science

This is a partial translation of a speech delivered by Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih II (ra) published in the The Muslim Sunrise (Vol. IV. No I – April – July, 1931).

We take full responsibility for any errors that appear in the script. To read the complete original speech in urdu click here (Anwarul Uloom Volume 9, pg 497-503 [translated pages]).

This speech was delivered at Habibia Hall, Lahore on 3rd March 1927 on the request of Science Union of Islamia College and presided by Sir Muhammad Iqbal. 


The conflict between science and religion is very old. It seems to know no beginning. it has been going on from times immemorial. During the various stages of man’s intellectual development it has taken different forms. The great scientists were subjected to all manner of persecution. They were held to scorn, scoffed and jeered at. The were denounced and condemned as magicians and sorcerers. Some of them were even burnt alive. They were made to suffer every hardship and privation known to man at the hands of the votaries of religion and the so-called great champions of its cause. Continue reading

MKA RA Research Conference 2011 Part 2

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.” [Albert Einstein]

Day 2

Its 0300 and I have woken up, whilst everyone around me is fast asleep. I walk out of our dormitory and walk into the conference room, trying to somehow side-step the creaking wooden floor beneath me. I stop and listen. Pin drop silence. It’s still pretty warm in this summer’s night. I decide, it’s best if I say thanks to Allah and accordingly offer tahajjud prayers, whilst I await the tired delegates to wake up for Fajr.

Continue reading

The Wonder of Electricity

Can you imagine? Knowing nothing of artificial light. Your days being lit by the sun and the night by candle light? What a terrifying shock it would have been to observe the blinding light from a electric spark? The wonder of electricity, from creating light to moving the dead, electricity must have been incredibly frightening.

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MKA RA Research Conference 2011 Part 1

An Account of an Ahmadi Researcher to the Greatest Conference ever!

I sat there at the edge of the room, taking it all in, this was the calm before the storm.
It is 0930, on Saturday 2nd July, with a bright blue sky outside, promising uninterrupted sunshine induced with summer country air and all those “refreshing” aromas surrounding it… we are waiting. Continue reading

Awards Galore 2011

As many around the world, will have been following the announcements of the various Nobel Prizes for 2011 (more on this tomorrow), few might be aware of another set of medals/awards being given out this week by the Institute of Physics (IoP). A total of 17 awards!

I have chosen some here for your perusal. Please feel free to click the below link to visit the official website.

IoP Award Winners 2011

Isaac Newton Medal of the Institute of Physics
Professor Leo P. Kadanoff, University of Chicago
For inventing conceptual tools that reveal the deep implications of scale invariance on the behavior of phase transitions and dynamical systems. Continue reading

US dominates university global rankings

From BBC News:

By Sean Coughlan. BBC News education correspondent

Solar-powered house

This solar-powered house was designed by the top-ranking California Institute of Technology

Three out of the top 10 universities in the world are in the UK, according to a global list headed by US universities.

The world rankings, produced by the Times Higher Education magazine, places 75 US universities in the top 200.

The California Institute of Technology was in first place – and the highest in the UK was Oxford in fourth.

Universities Minister David Willetts said the list showed that relative to its size, the UK’s university system was the “world’s best-performing”.

These World University Rankings show the US and UK as the two biggest players in this list of leading universities.

There are 32 UK universities in this top 200, an increase on last year – although the number of UK institutions has fallen in the top 100. Oxford, Cambridge and Imperial College all make the top 10. Continue reading

The Battle of Ideas 2011

“The Battle of Ideas is a global treasure. Bringing together some of the world’s leading thinkers for civil dialogue on an array of topics, the festival is a must-see for those deeply committed to the free exchange of ideas.”
Fredrick C. Harris, professor of political science, Columbia University*

On the 29th and 30th of October, the last weekend of the month, will see a congregation of people from all walks of life debating for society and the unanswered questions. The festival weekend will mark the end to a month of debates on key topics concerning society in general taking place throughout the UK. The festival is not scientific in nature, but questions raised that are important to all, including education, psychology, philosophy and politics to name a few. To have a closer view of the mouth-watering topics and their respective schedules, please click here, alternatively, to visit the main webpage click here.

Unfortunately, there might be some costs involved with the tickets to the satellite events costing £5 – £7.50 in general and the cost of the weekend festival is as follows:

Standard Concession
General £90 £55
IoI Associates £55 £45
Buy IoI membership + Battle of Ideas ticket £125 £85
Institutional ticket** £175
Secondary school student ticket £20
Student Champion £27.50

For the cost of attendance to individual days please visit the tickets webpage.

*from the Battle of Ideas main website.

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Science Festivals

The UK hosts a plethora of science festivals up and down the country throughout the year. The biggest one being the British Science Festival which took place just under a month ago. But Britain’s appetite for science festivals doesn’t stop there. If you were unfortunate to have missed any of these jam-packed festivals, well, worry not. UK’s biggest science enthusiast cities (in my humble opinion), Manchester and London, will be holding their own science festivals this month.

London Science festival
19th – 26th October 2011

Manchester Science Festival 
22nd – 30th October 2011

If you are planning to go to any of them, we would love to know your thoughts and maybe we might see you there!

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