There are rumors everywhere. Since July they have been talking about it… They predict it to be far bigger and better than ever before… Alas! Superlatives are not enough to capture the anticipation. Some say it will be in the midlands, whilst some wish for the Scottish Highlands amongst the biggest mountains in the country, some speculate it will be in Manchester, the home of Graphene, but all are sure, God Willing, it will be an epic, earth shattering event. Have you guess it yet… No?

Behind the veil of calm waters, is the frenzy of organizing bees of the MKA RA, buzzingly planning the Annual Conference 2012! I am not permitted to say anymore… register your interest and become part of the august list of names that will recieved the first email, when registration for the conference goes online in early 2012, Insha’Allah.

If you’re not convinced check out the eye-witness account from the MKA RA Annual Conference 2011 Part 1| Part 2


6 thoughts on “2012

    1. Muddassar Rashid

      Dear Anonymous,

      Jazaak’Allah and congratulations! See you at the conference wherever it may be!


    1. Muddassar Rashid

      Me too… Space will be limited i am told by my inside source. Prayers are requested from all nonetheless, May the event be an record-shattering and historical event. Amen

      Tauseef Sahib, have you registered your interested yet. Since you are now a Post Doc, expect a 50% increase in your registration fees :P

      1. Muddassar Rashid

        You have to take the protest up with the Head of the National Student Affairs Department for MKA UK, I believe his name Dr Khan.
        hhmmm…the bursary is a closed kept secret… but guessing from last year, where there were some travel bursaries available, most probably it will be the same this year, but we will see. We don’t have the finances of Manchester university yet… but we are working on it. :)


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