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UCLU AMSA Presents: Arabic – The Mother of All Languages

Wednesday 14th March

18:00 – 20:30 hours

Roberts G06 Sir Ambrose Fleming Lecture Theatre
Roberts Building
Torrington Place (entrance via Malet Place)
University College London

UCLU AMSA in association with UCLU Arab Society presents “Arabic – The Mother of All Languages?”

What is the original language of Homo Sapiens, of which all other languages are derivatives? How did other languages derive from it and most importantly, is that original language still with us today?

Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (peace be on him) of Qadian in his book “Minan Ur Rahman”, declared that Arabic is that first language from which all other languages are derived. Continue reading

Living on a Thread of Silk

Mankind’s Present, A Spider’s Reality   

In the past century, we have experienced revolutions after revolutions in technology that have changed our lives. From the introduction of inventions such as cars, planes, televisions, lasers and the Internet to name a few, we have been forcefully made addicted to change. We are addicted to innovation and new ways of doing the same things. We cannot, it seem, stand still. The types of changes have also changed. From heavy machinery and hard metals that have dominated our lives it seems mankind has taken a new direction namely, in the exploitation and development of biotechnology and biomaterials.

This Essay will outline some of the basic knowledge we know of the miraculous silk produced by spiders. We will look into the physical properties and eventually look at how it is being used to change our lives, ultimately what the future has in store for spider’s silk. Each of these sections can in themselves create detailed lengthy articles, to keep within the confines of decency the author will limit to few examples in each section and we divide the essay as follows.

I.             The Spider and it’s Silk
II.            The Physical properties
III.           Getting Creative with Silk

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MKA RA Midlands Symposium

Does Islam contradict science? Can man’s relationship with God be understood scientifically? Who were the key Muslim scientists and how did they contribute to modern day science?

The Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya Research Association cordially invites you to participate in a unique event where these questions and more aim to be answered. The western world has undoubtedly contributed significantly to the advancement of scientific knowledge and its application, however the contribution of the Quran and the so called ‘golden age’ of Islam and science is often not commonly known or even acknowledged. This invitation is therefore open to those who wish to broaden their knowledge on such pertinent issues and those who wish to engage in discussions relating to Islam and science.

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Mr Photon decides to take a break!

Groundbreaking news in the particle universe, Mr Photon has taken his cape de courier off  and has decided to retire! He explains,”…galavanting around the universe is just isn’t the same anymore. In the old days, people were in awe. They respected me. There was a sense of mystery about me. But now, all they want to do is use me. “Mr Photon can you probe some red blood cells for us”, “how about chopping you into femtosecond pulses to understand chemical reactions”. I mean it is degrading. They change my shape, cut my time width. They even entangle me with Mrs Photon, which between you and me, you know its nice sometimes, but she is such a chore. I always have  to act to be the opposite. Just can’t stand her…”

Mr Photon, currently is the key messenger through which we and the particles observe the universe. Questioning him on his sanity, he responded, “Insane! Frek you! I ain’t insane. Everyone gets to decay, but have i ever been allowed to decay… noooo! Mr Photon must be everyone’s puppet. Well I’ve had it. Go speak to your beloved neutrinos. Your faster-than-Mr Photon particles. Your shining star! I want out!”. The universe could be thrown into chaos if Mr Photon decides to go through with this midlife crisis.

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Optical Tweezers and The Biological Universe

Lasers and Optical Tweezers, in specific, have forever changed our view of the the microscopic world. For those who have never heard of this extraordinary tool, created by physicists and used by all, all that you need to know is with laser light you can move objects  such as cells and colloids, you can rotate them, squeeze them, heck you can make them into another laser if you wanted or at the least make them fluorescent! In this article, we will review the fundamentals of this optical tweezers, the key technological advancements in optical tweezers and their application within the field of biological sciences and medicine. We select a few examples to illustrate the properties that can be studied and further discuss the possible future uses of optical tweezers in other areas. Continue reading