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The Atomic Identity Crisis

Did you know there are five states of matter!? Surprised? At school level we are told that matter can exist as solid, liquid and gas! Basis school science 101, i hear you say. Well, Plasma is one other state of matter which occurs at really high temperatures. There is one more which occurs at really low temperatures… The Bose-Einstein Condensate! Check out the video and be amazed!

Still not sure, well Prof Kaku explains further…

The Mathematics of History

The power of mathematics is well known to all, specially those who are involved in the business of using it on a daily bases. To sift out and illuminate phenomena that may seem unconnected, to be able to describe patterns in a quantifiable manner, there is no better language than mathematics. The idea of applying mathematics to history has been around for some time and though not so well advertised, it is fascinating to ask what patterns would we be able to find out by describing the rise and fall of civilization by mathematics, predicted by mathematics… what future is inevitable and can it be avoided?

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