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The Origins of Human Morality

An enlightening excerpt from ‘Way of the Seekers,’ by Khalifatul Masih II (ra), on  how human morals have their origins in the physical properties of elementary particles. Comment below if you have any thoughts!

Morals Defined

Of human actions, those that relate to human beings and are inter-human in character are called moral. The same actions, when they relate to God, are called spiritual and form part of the spiritual life of man. A man who lies to other men is a liar; he commits the immorality of lying. If he lies to God, it means he is dead spiritually. To be pious and religious, a man has to be right on both counts. Moral actions which obey the Law of Shariah become spiritual actions and a part of religious faith and life. The same actions without reference to the spiritual part, when carried out as part of social tradition or culture are called moral. A person who is mindful in respect of such actions is called a moral human being. Continue reading