AMSA Event today at 1800 in Kingston University | Does Muslim World Lack Leadership?

We look at the present state of the Muslim world and it hurts to see so much internal conflict. The majority of the Muslim countries are in a poor state. Take a look at Syria, Egypt, Libya, Afghanistan, and Pakistan.

There was once a time when the Muslims rarely experienced any internal problems. This was during the time of our beloved prophet Muhammad (saw) and his Khalifas (successors). This was because they were united as one, under the banner of prophethood and khilafat. These were the times when Islam was at its peak and the Muslims were making great progress.

The ummah has now split approximately into 73 sects as prophesied by Prophet Muhammad (saw). Each of them have their own scholars and imams. Each in disagreement with other sects. Even within sects you cannot find true unity and leadership. This is one of the major crisis that the Muslims are facing at present.

In this dire time God had sent the promised messiah as the arbiter to resolve all the differences and to unite all the Muslims under one banner. After his demise God blessed his community with khilafat which is to be established till the day of judgement.

By the grace of God the community is progressing rapidly every day under the guidance and leadership of khilafat .

The aim of this event is shed light on this issue of leadership and unity thats the muslims are facing and to explain why it is occurring. Also to explain the blessings that the community of the promised messiah are experiencing from being united under a khalifa.

18:00- The event will start of with a talk from Ayyaz Mahmood Khan who is an Islamic scholar. He has studied from the Ahmadiyya College of Theology and Languages in Surrey and is currently serving as a missionary in London.

19:00 – 20:00: Q&A session.

Venue: Jacqueline Wilson Hall, Kingston University, Penhryn Road, KT1 2EE


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