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Nature’s laws may vary across the Universe

The idea that the laws of physics remain constant across the universe is arguably a very important and universal concept in Physics. In fact in the case of the gravitational force this has been specifically stated in Einstein’s equivalence principle.

Recently experiments seem to enforce the idea that is not the case certainly for the fine structure constant (alpha). The first hints for a variability of alpha came from analysing observations of the Keck Observatory, in Hawaii. The new data from  the European Southern Observatory’s ‘Very Large Telescope’ in Chile was analysed by Professor Webb and others. He comments:

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Entangled Diamonds

A montage showing how two diamonds are entangledQuantum entanglement occurs when two particles interact and can still be be described by the same quantum state after being spatially separated. This has been observed for small particles and at low temperatures.

Ian Walmsley, a physicists at the University of Oxford, and his team managed to overcome these restrictions by producing a quantum entanglement on a large scale object at room temperature.  Continue reading

Stem cells from human embryos

One of the big aims in stem cell research has been to take DNA from adult into an egg cell to create a clone. Ever since the cloning of Dolly the sheep in 1996, researchers have been trying to recreate this experiment with other animals as well as humans. The results have been mixed over the years but in October a lab in the US published some results showing an extraction of reproducing stem cell from embryos, after injecting adult cells into egg cells  (Noggle, S. et al. Nature 478, 70-75 (2011)).  Continue reading