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Revelation and Rationality- in the words of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as)


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“It is true that God has endowed man with the faculty of reason, which, like a lamp, shows him the right path and dispels his doubts and misconceptions. It is an extremely useful and essential faculty and a great blessing. Nonetheless, it has one major flaw: it cannot, on its own, take us to the level of absolute certainty with respect to the true nature of things, for absolute certainty consists in knowing things as they actually are. The best that reason can do is to postulate the need for something to exist, but it cannot go further and confirm that it does indeed exist. Perfect certainty, whereby we rise from the level of ‘should be’ to that of ‘is’ is only achieved when reason finds an ally that is capable of confirming its speculative reasoning and bringing it into the realm of perceptible facts; and where reason says, ‘it should be,’ this ally is able to confirm, ‘it is.’ Continue reading

AMSA presents “Who Was Adam” Interfaith Event at Imperial College


This event will be followed by an interfaith discussion forum, so we would value the attendance of AMRA members to shed light upon the Ahmadiyya viewpoint of evolution, to supplement the theological arguments that will insha’Allah be presented in the talk by the respected Imam Bajwa Sb.

On Tuesday, 26th February, the respected Imam Naseem Bajwa of Baitul Futuh Mosque Morden, the largest mosque in Western Europe, will address Imperial College London in a landmark Muslim-Christian Interfaith event: “Who Was Adam? A Muslim-Christian Dialogue on the Origin of Man.”   Continue reading

The Meaning of ‘Nothing’

ImageThe following is an excellent book review of “The Universe From Nothing,” by Lawrence Krauss. It is often alleged that the origin of the universe has now been explained by science, with the vacuum states described by models of quantum physics removing the need for an external cause, ie. God. David Albert, in this review of the aforementioned book, examines this idea- and his conclusions are well worth a read. Continue reading

Design, or the Illusion of Design?


In his piece, “Our Universe. Order or Chaos?” T. Nasser has already argued against the claim made by Victor J. Stenger in “God: The Failed Hypothesis” that the universe only exhibits pockets of complexity, by pointing out that the uniformity found in the universe indicates design. This article will further deal with the same atheistic arguments, and principles. The extract in question is presented below: Continue reading

‘A horse. A horse. My Kingdom for a horse!’

By Rizwan Safir, Archaeologist

Archaeologists knew Richard III’s body might show signs of his violent death

Well unfortunately for Richard III – the much maligned monarch to whom Shakespeare attributed these words – he wasn’t able to get hold of a horse, nor reclaim his kingdom for that matter. He has, however, managed to reassert his fame through a remarkable discovery by archaeologists at Leicester University. Continue reading

MKA RA Annual Conference 2012- Register Now!

Annual Conference 2011- Closing Speech

Dear Members

Assalamu alaikum,

The long awaited MKA-RA conference is finally upon us. This year the flagship event of the research association will be insha’Allah taking place in Manchester Mosque from Friday 24th to Sunday 26th of August. The theme of this year’s conference is “The pleasure of finding things out”, with an exciting programme looking to stimulate and challenge our delegates. Continue reading

The Science of Fasting – Updated

A vertical slice through the brain of a patient with Alzheimer’s, left, compared with a normal brain, right. Photograph: Alfred Pasieka/Science Photo Library

While Muslims practise fasting for its spiritual benefits, modern science is only now discovering its numerous medical benefits. For instance intermittent fasting, similar to the regular voluntary fasting encouraged and practised by the Holy Prophet (pbuh), has now been proposed to reduce the risk of neurodegenerative disorders. Continue reading

‘Life from Water’- Life on Enceladus?

Plumes spurting ice particles, water vapor and trace organic compounds from the surface of Saturn’s moon Enceladus.

1400 years ago, the Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw) was vouchsafed the revelation that, “…we made of water every living thing.” (21:31) Today, this same principle is used as the basis for the the search of extra-terrestrial life! What a marvel that an unlettered dweller of the Arabian desert was given this knowledge on account of his spiritual perfection, whereas it took well over a millenium for the rest of the world to even conceive of the idea of extra-terrestrial life- let alone devise the means for finding it! Continue reading