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Awards Galore 2011

As many around the world, will have been following the announcements of the various Nobel Prizes for 2011 (more on this tomorrow), few might be aware of another set of medals/awards being given out this week by the Institute of Physics (IoP). A total of 17 awards!

I have chosen some here for your perusal. Please feel free to click the below link to visit the official website.

IoP Award Winners 2011

Isaac Newton Medal of the Institute of Physics
Professor Leo P. Kadanoff, University of Chicago
For inventing conceptual tools that reveal the deep implications of scale invariance on the behavior of phase transitions and dynamical systems. Continue reading

Science Festivals

The UK hosts a plethora of science festivals up and down the country throughout the year. The biggest one being the British Science Festival which took place just under a month ago. But Britain’s appetite for science festivals doesn’t stop there. If you were unfortunate to have missed any of these jam-packed festivals, well, worry not. UK’s biggest science enthusiast cities (in my humble opinion), Manchester and London, will be holding their own science festivals this month.

London Science festival
19th – 26th October 2011

Manchester Science Festival 
22nd – 30th October 2011

If you are planning to go to any of them, we would love to know your thoughts and maybe we might see you there!

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Expansion of the Bee Revelation

I had started this blog to discuss honey and honeybee related research.

However, I was made aware of the needs of the Ahmadi youth interested in research to have an outlet to discuss issues related to science, research, religion and science, existence of God, the scientific truths of the Holy Qur’an  and so forth.

With grace of Allah, a few Khuddam who are pursuing research studies are now part of my core team that will run this blog. Please pray that it can help towards fulfilling Huzur Aqdas(atba)’s wishes including inspiring young Ahmadis to pursue research, encourage good research, admonish bad research, and show the truths contained within the Holy Qur’an.