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Tentacles of The Supreme

I happened to be cc'ed in an interesting email exchange on a discussion on a passage written by Hadrath Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (May peace of God be upon him). He writes in Elucidation of Objectives (page 61):

The fact of the matter is that the relationship between God on the one hand and His creation and the myriads of worlds on the other, is like the relationship between body and soul. Just as all parts of the body are subservient to the behests of the soul and incline in the direction in which the soul tends to incline, the same relationship exists between God and His creatures…

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Dawkins and Sacks

I really think religious leaders in general are a bit lost about about how to deal with the interaction between science and religion. Have a read of the extract below from the BBC. It is rather a convenient way to avoid critical examination of your scripture if you designate as non-literal everything in it which is contradicted by contemporaneous scientific consensus. Continue reading

‘A horse. A horse. My Kingdom for a horse!’

By Rizwan Safir, Archaeologist

Archaeologists knew Richard III’s body might show signs of his violent death

Well unfortunately for Richard III – the much maligned monarch to whom Shakespeare attributed these words – he wasn’t able to get hold of a horse, nor reclaim his kingdom for that matter. He has, however, managed to reassert his fame through a remarkable discovery by archaeologists at Leicester University. Continue reading

Blue honey – Bees eating M&Ms

French Bees Produce Blue Honey

By JUJU KIM |  October 5, 2012 |
Image: French apiarist Andre Frieh holds a sample of honey besides a blue colored one at his home in Ribeauville

French apiarist Andre Frieh holds a sample of normal honey (right) besides a blue colored one (left) at his home in Ribeauville near Colmar, Eastern France, October 5, 2012.

Mars Incorporated has proclaimed that “Chocolate is better in color” with its M&Ms. But French beekeepers may beg to differ on that.

Since August, beekeepers near the town of Ribeauville, in the northeastern region of Alsace, have been reporting their bees are producing blue and green honey, according to Reuters. And they’ve traced the cause back to a biogas plant that processes waste from an M&Ms factory.

How to Escape from a Black Hole

There are ways out of the gravitational death grip of a black hole — but it’s not easy

By DANIEL CRAY | October 4, 2012 |

This simulated image shows an energy jet being launched from a spinning black hole surrounded by a disk of accreting material. The black hole is spinning at half the maximum rate, and its mass is that of the black hole at the center of the M87 elliptical galaxy. The central black hole “shadow” due to extreme light bending is apparent here Continue reading
Darul Amaan

MKA Research Association Annual Conference 2012

Report by Tauseef Ahmad Khan

The Annual MKA Research Association Conference 2012 was held at Darul Amaan Mosque, Manchester on Friday 24th, Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th August 2012.

A total of 30 young enthusiastic Khuddam and 2 Atfal attended the conference [corrected the number of Atfal]. Seventeen Khuddam and two Atfal travelled from London to attend the conference, while one Khadim came from Netherlands to take part in this conference. Continue reading

Curiosity of Mars – Space gamble that will pay dividends

Space science: gamble that paid dividends

The latest Mars mission is partly a tentative rehearsal for a long-planned joint US-European smash-and-grab raid

Planetary exploration is expensive – as Curiosity’s $2.5bn robotic landing on Mars on Monday morning certainly shows – but it is not an expensive luxury. The more we learn about the other planets, the better we know this one. A study of Earth without reference to the rest of the solar system would be a bit like the story of the UK without a mention of neighbours across the North Sea or the Channel: pointless and dangerously wrong. Continue reading