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Living on a Thread of Silk

Mankind’s Present, A Spider’s Reality   

In the past century, we have experienced revolutions after revolutions in technology that have changed our lives. From the introduction of inventions such as cars, planes, televisions, lasers and the Internet to name a few, we have been forcefully made addicted to change. We are addicted to innovation and new ways of doing the same things. We cannot, it seem, stand still. The types of changes have also changed. From heavy machinery and hard metals that have dominated our lives it seems mankind has taken a new direction namely, in the exploitation and development of biotechnology and biomaterials.

This Essay will outline some of the basic knowledge we know of the miraculous silk produced by spiders. We will look into the physical properties and eventually look at how it is being used to change our lives, ultimately what the future has in store for spider’s silk. Each of these sections can in themselves create detailed lengthy articles, to keep within the confines of decency the author will limit to few examples in each section and we divide the essay as follows.

I.             The Spider and it’s Silk
II.            The Physical properties
III.           Getting Creative with Silk

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